Best web art…ever

Today Honeybun and I set up a membership with the best art site on the Internet – Digital Blasphemy. It specializes in images to be used as computer wallpaper. The artist, Ryan, says he makes his sole living by publishing this site and doesn’t accept commission work. Here is a peek of what I’m now using for my desktop wallpaper (with permission from the site).

Valley – 2000Posted by Hello

I am absolutely stunned by his scenery and planetscape images. They have a way of making me feel small when I look at them. They suggest greatness beyond humanity.

Frankly, I think Ryan would be able to make much more money as a freelance artist. I think he would be better served creating art for book covers and such. I used his free gallery for over a year before getting a membership. Don’t be cheap like me though. The $25 one-year subscription is well worth it.