Howard Dean has settled on the strategy of attacking George W. Bush on the issue of the war in Iraq. He claims the U.S. should wait for the permission of the U.N. (an organization with more totalitarian goverments than democratic) before using force.

It turns out he believes that only when a Republican is President. USA Today published a letter today from Dean to President Clinton in 1995 calling for unilateral action in Bosnia from the United States because the U.N. and NATO’s policies failed in that country.

It seems clear that U.N. policies failed for 12 years in Iraq. But since President Bush is a Republican, Dean is attacking him for the same actions President Clinton took in Bosnia (the only difference being, we had no national security interest in there).


Mel Gibson will soon be releasing the most controversial movie he has every made The Passion of Christ. Unfortunately, many people who have not seen the movie are calling it anti-Semitic.

Of course Mel Gibson denies this (and I believe him). I have read in articles that he believes that the sins of humanity are responsible for Jesus death. That is, not only are Jews responsible – we are also responsible for making Jesus’ sacrifice necessary.

The most powerful evidence supporting that Mel Gibson believes this is in an article written byMark D. Roberts who has seen a screening of the film. He says:
“the movie also shows the hands of the person pounding the nails [into Jesus’], and these hands actually belong to Mel Gibson. It’s the only place he appears in the film.”

By showing his own hands pounding the nails into Jesus, Mel Gibson makes a profound statement in admitting his own spiritual responsibility for the death of Jesus.

Please save us from busy-body public “educators”

Dave Lieber, columnists for the Star-Telegram in Dallas, reports on a Richland Hills Middle School student who was suspended for three days for sending the message “Hey” to the 80 computers at the school.

That’s it. “Hey”.

The principal of the school saw the message himself and took no notice of it until Beverly Sweeney, the school’s computer teacher reported the “serious” nature of the crime to him.

See, Ms. Sweeney believes that using a DOS function is hacking. She wanted to send the message to all students that “hacking into a system should be highest on the list of tampering violations.”

The problem is that the student did not hack into the system. He had permission to be on the computer and did not do any damage or tamper with any functions. When Sweeney found him, he readily admitted to sending the message.

The school has no policy on sending messages using legitimate functions of the computer.

Now, another bureacrat’s self-righteous indignation has punished another child.

Yet another example of why all states need school vouchers.

Why the U.N. is a joke

In my younger school days, I thought of the United Nations in idealistic terms. I thought it was an organization whose purpose was to promote peace through democratic means.

Now, I think the United Nations is a fool’s dream.
Read Max Kampelman’s article and you will see the injustice promoted by the U.N. Libya as chair of the Human Rights Committee? That’s putting the fox in charge of the hen house. Yet anti-war types demand that we seek this organization’s permission before we use force.

Some say we should leave the U.N. I don’t go that far. We should stay and use our influence to change the U.N. Max Kampelman’s idea of creating a Democratic caucus is sound. That is if we can convince the weak-knee Europeans (the democracies that abstained from voting against putting Libya a chair on the Human Rights committee) to go along with us instead of cowing to small dictator states. (Pansies)

Follow through

Yesterday I resolved to make a resolution. I even followed through. I resolved to get off my butt and go to grad school. Today I made an appointment with an enrollment counselor at Regis University.

Now I just need to figure out a way to pay for it. Anyone know any companies with good tuition assistance?