A great day in history

Born on November 15
1708 William Pitt the Elder, secretary of state of England whose strategies helped win the Seven Years War.
1738 Sir William Hershel, British astronomer who discovered Uranus.
1887 Georgia O’Keefe, American artist.
1891 Erwin Rommel, German field marshal in World War II.
1942 Daniel Barenboim, Israeli pianist and conductor.
1969 SemperJase – Jason

I’m 35 today. Is this what 35 feels like?

What’s up

There just doesn’t seem to be a lot to write about lately.

Tomorrow, Honeybun and I will go through the rite of acceptance as part of the process of confirmation in the catholic church. It is important, but not the kind of thing my adoring fans here (both of you) probably want to read about.

Evander Holyfield lost another fight tonight. The 42 year old needs to retire, but doesn’t realize it. It’s a shame, the man that literally drove Mike Tyson crazy is a shadow of the fighter he once was. After going through battles with Riddick Bowe (that knocked Bowe out of boxing even though he won two of the three fights) and beating Tyson convincingly, he has gone downhill ever since. Hopefully he will retire with some dignity, but that doesn’t look likely.

The head scratching begins

Hollywood did everything it could to elect John Kerry. Rock musicians toured for Kerry. Dan Rather used fake documents against George Bush. The New York Times published a fake story to hurt George Bush. It turns out America didn’t care what the self-appointed elites thought.

In the early morning hours after the polls closed, it became obvious that George Bush won. Ohio had gone to George Bush by more than 130,000 votes. The only network that admitted it was Fox News – for that, I’m sure critics will claim a bias. In spite of the margin, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN refused to admit that President Bush won until John Kerry conceded. Even now, ABC, CBS, and CNN have not included Ohio in their electoral vote tallies which even though they are headlining the story the Kerry has conceded on the same page. So tell me, which networks are biased?

The liberal agenda failed miserably. Every single one of the 11 state initiatives to protect marriage were passed. Even in Oregon where Kerry won the state and where they did elect a Democrat for the U.S. Senate, an decisive majority said no to gay marriage. Americans overwhelmingly said marriage is between a man and woman. This looks promising for the next session of Congress to get a federal constitutional amendment passed.

Third parties were found to be irrelevant. A final warning is happening in Washington State where the governor race is still undecided with the Republican candidate leading by about 1000 votes while a Losertarian candidate has taken 38,000 votes. The only thing the Losertarians can accomplish in that race is to help elect someone with the polar opposite politcal agenda.

Ralph Nader had no impact on any race. He was not the spoiler Democrats were worried about. This election showed that a third party vote is an irrelevant vote.

Some races show the voters were schizophrenic. In Colorado, about 32,000 people voted for President Bush then turned around and voted for a Democrat for Senate. Again, Oregon voted against gay marriage, but then voted for Kerry and a Democrat Senator (not the party of preserving marriage). In Ohio, Bush won, but 12% of the people who voted for the Republican senator voted for John Kerry. Finally, in South Dakota, about 9% of the people who re-elected President Bush voted for Tom Daschle who has obstructed the President at every opportunity. That wasn’t enough to keep Daschle from losing his seat though.

Even though some voters didn’t understand what a split vote means, the nation gave the GOP and President Bush a mandate. They want the President to lead the nation in the fight against terrorists. They do not want to change the definition of marriage. They are comfortable with the economy, where unemployement is still near historic lows.

The Democratic party became shrill and unhinged. Now after the election it is in shambles. Its political influence is at its lowest point in decades. DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe has led the party to defeat after defeat. In the past four years, it has moved farther left away from the beliefs of America. Yes, they took a significant part of the vote. What that proves is that the Democrat party can get just enough votes to lose an election.

Why am I doing this?

I told myself I wouldn’t watch the election results come in today. I would ignore TV and radio and just look at the results in the morning.

What am I doing? Sitting here watching the election results on the web and TV. Its like picking a scab. I can’t help myself. Honeybun is pretty much able to ignore it. She’s sitting on the couch playing Fable (the new Xbox game we just bought).

Blogging the election

Blogger and blogspot are already running slow on election morning.

CBS Marketwatch seems to think that is dangerous. In spite of the fact the the networks miscalled the election last year which surely effected the results by encouraging people to stay home instead of complete their vote, CBS Marketwatch thinks that bloggers are the real danger and they may leak exit polling data.

It seems to show they believe the blogosphere has influence. Of course there is no ignoring that influence since blogs broke the story about CBS using fake documents against President Bush.

Anyway, if you are a Bush supporter, go vote. If you are a Nader supporter go vote (a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush). If you are a Kerry supporter, remember it is a cold day today and you don’t want to get sick standing in line. 🙂