iPod additions

Just updated the iPod with Death Cab for Cutie, Mazzy Star, and Steve Taylor.

Death Cab for Cutie is one of those 10-year overnight sensations. That is, they’ve been putting out indie releases for years and have just had their first release on a major label.

The Mazzy Star album is “So Tonight That I Might See” released in 1993 – easily their best. If you like a psychadelic style, you need to check them out. I had the cassette tape when it first came out but never got around to buying the CD. Well, thanks to an iTunes gift card for Christmas, it was time.

The gift card also got me the Steve Taylor “Meltdown” album from 1983. Steve Taylor was a “Christian” act. He had a long solo career spanning into the late 90’s. He is certainly a Christian but he never was an evangelizer. His music was generally social commentary from a Christian perspective with a lot of humor thrown in. His biting wit frequently targeted so-called Christian beliefs he disagreed with. For instance his “I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good” from the album I Predict 1990 mocked abortion clinic bombers. (If you know where I can get a copy of that one on CD, let me know.)

Meltdown was his first full length album. Taylor was “alternative” before alternative was cool. Probably why I’m such a fan of the genre.

Testosterone deficiency

Thursday night was my first class of the new semester. The class is technical editing. Many people in the program warned me to not take any other classes while I’m in this one. Supposedly it is challenging and time consuming.

There are only seven students in the class. I am the only man. Yep, six other women. I’m not sure why the technical communications program has so many more women than men. Yes, there is a writing component but this program is also heavy in technological courses like html and xml coding, mulitmedia authoring – things that women generally aren’t known to flock to.

Then there is the problem that men are outnumbered by women in college these days. It sure is evident in my program. Where did all the men go?

Unexplained mysteries

I actually spell checked my last post using Blogger’s spell check before I sent it. Yes, amazing I know.

My question is how does a spell checker on a blogging site not know the words “blog” and “blogging”? That would be like MS Word not knowing how to spell “word processor.”

The best stories are the ones you make up

I think I brought the flu back from New Mexico with me. What to do when you’re sick?

A. Watch daytime TV.
B. Blog.
C. Drink IBC.

Since A is worse than being sick, I’m going with B & C. I’m pretty sure medical experts agree that IBC rootbeer shortens the duration of the flu by at least 3 to 4 minutes.

As for blogging, I see the New York Times published a fake photo today (hat tip Powerline Blog). The caption claims to show the remains of a missile that destroyed from a home in Pakistan. This is supposedly the result of an airstrike from a Predator Drone the happened on January 13th that is getting protests from Pakistani citizens. Yahoo News changed their caption to claim it is “unexploded ordinance”. The catch here is that the attack was from a predator drone which doesn’t carry ordinance. American Thinker has a through debunking of claim.

Is this another case of “fake but accurate” reporting that CBS news invented with the forged Air National Guard memo?

On the road.

I made it to the sprawling metropolis of Walsenburg. Watch out for the traffic jams here.

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