Useless headline of the day

Dolphin’s quarterback Jay Fiedler was benched at half-time in Saturday’s game against the Titans.

An AP headline tells us “Dolphins’ Fiedler Not Happy About Benching.” AP must have Captain Obvious writing headlines.

When in the history of sports has a player ever said, “I’m happy the coach benched me. Did you see how bad I was playing? I was just about to ask him to bench me when he gave me the news. Hopefully, I’ll be sitting the bench next week too.”


It’s football time again. The season opens tomorrow night with Indianapolis playing New England.

I’ve been a San Fransicso 49ers fan since grade school. This year I’m making the switch to officially being a Broncos fan (even though the preseason isn’t giving me a positive feeling about this year).

Sadly, I now work on Sunday mornings. It will be mainly Internet game day coverage for me this year. I should be able to get home in the middle of the second quarter for the second game of the day and also catch the evening game.

Go Broncos.