Really, he was a nice guy

Nathaniel Jones died this past week after fighting with police. The 350+ pound man was high on cocaine and PCP when he fought with police. The video shows Jones advance on a retreating police officer, swing at him, then grab him.

Jones’ family is calling for an independent investigation. His grandmother said, “Skipper [Jones] was just a good old, fat jolly fella. He wasn’t violent.”


His aunt Diane Payton said, “Everyone he met, that he touched, loved him. He was never mean.”

I’m sure the policeman felt that Jones was the nicest guy to every assualt him. Still, I doubt that the policeman he “touched” felt very much love.

The police are in a catch-22. This man made choices that led to his own death and the police are blamed. Because he died while committing, a crime the police are racist. If the police did not respond, people would claim more racism for not protecting the black community.

It would be nice to see some integrity from the activists. Stop defending thugs and criminals as the innocent victims.

The Cincinnati Post believes that the public will receive an honest answer on whether or not the officers reacted appropriately according to their editorial.

The real question is whether or not the activists will accept any other answer than one that condemns the police. I doubt it when people like as Kweisi Mfume already claim the police behavior was “well outside the norm for subduing an unarmed suspect.”