Glory Be

I started teaching Bailey some new prayers at bed time a couple of weeks ago. She pretty much has the Glory Be down now.

Is “violent political rhetoric” the problem?

This past Saturday, a shooter attacked U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords that left 6 people dead and 14 injured. In less than an hour after the shooting left-wing pundits were blaming the shooting on Sarah Palin and the right wing while erroneously reporting that Giffords had been killed.

There is no evidence that any political rhetoric – left or right – had an influence on the shooter (may his name be blotted out). It is appalling that less than an hour after the shootings, left wing pundits were blaming Sarah Palin without knowing anything about the shooter or his motives employing a classic version of the post hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacy while ignoring the same rhetoric that comes from the left.

Now that more is coming to light, we know that the shooter had no definable political views – he even counts The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf among his favorite books. Furthermore, the shooter held his grudge against Rep. Giffords since 2007, long before Pailn (the supposed catalyst) was on the national stage.

The attack of a politician by a politically ambiguous mentally ill person follow is a long established pattern in this country that goes all the way back to the assassination attempt of Andrew Jackson by an unemployed painter. One of the reasons the attacker gave for his attempt on Jackson life was that “money would be more plenty” with Jackson dead. Noticeably similar, the shooter in this case also fixated on currency issues in his writings and statements.

John Hinkley was no more incited by Jimmy Carter’s warnings of Ronald Reagan being a “radical” and “hawk” that would endanger peace than the shooter on Saturday by any conservative rhetoric.

But what if the rhetoric was less heated? Michael Medved reminds us what happened in times where that was the case:

Killings often occur in placid political climates of consensus – as with the assassinations of popular, young centrist presidents, Garfield and Kennedy, following elections in 1880 and 1960 when major candidates largely agreed on issues. Fierce rhetoric doesn’t cause shootings, any more than consensus politics guarantees safety for our public figures.

Already the left is resorting to attempts to restrict speech. Attacking the wrong problem is worse than doing nothing at all by condemning those who were not culpable for any crime. Overt threats are one thing. Restricting speech that we don’t like because it is ambiguously “inflammatory” only serves those who want to silence those with whom they disagree.

2011 Predictions

My continuing series of yearly predictions must…um…continue. Time to look ahead to 2011.

1. President Obama’s administration will make another foreign policy gaffe by offering the Dali Lama a stuffed dolly llama.

2. The Hula Hoop diet will be the newest weight loss fad after paparazzi captures Oprah giving one of the hoops a try at a Toys R Us outside Galveston.

3. The Funky Bunch will try to launch a reunion tour, but it will fail when Marky Mark refuses to reprise his fronting role.

4. The Caribbean island of Aruba will freeze over when Al Gore decides to hold a Global Warming rally there in July.

5. The success of “Dancing with the Stars” and “Skating with the Stars” will inspire a new series -“Hot Tubbing with the Stars.” The show will fail to gain an audience because the only “Stars” who agree to go on the show will be Elliot Spitzer and Mark Sanford.

6. Reality shows will continue to display a total lack of reality.

7. The press will continue to report any rise or stagnation of unemployment as “unexpected.” It will be the drinking game of 2011.

8. Steve Jobs will create a new product that no one needs now, but everyone will think they need after it hits the market. Something along the lines of an ultra thin Easy Bake Oven…without any buttons.

9. Health nuts will hold rallies against “Big Tobacco”, during which many of the rally participants will also be holding signs to legalize pot.

10. The Denver Broncos will hire a new coach for $5 million per year, while ignoring the fact that I would do the job for half of that.

What a year it will be.

Making spirits bright

Last Friday, my wife went to Toys R Us in Lone Tree, Colorado (I guess the store is technically in Englewood) to buy a bike for our daughter. She made the purchase then waited at the customer service desk for someone to get the box from the stock room. It turned out that the manager, Greg, was the person who brought it to the front. He then offered to carry the box out to the car for her. The manager personally helping a customer carry out a large box? That doesn’t happen very often. But wait, it gets better.

While walking out to the car, Greg asked my wife if the bike was a Christmas present. Honeybun explained that it is actually a present for our daughter’s birthday coming up on the 15th, and then mentioned that we won’t be able to put it together that day because we are moving and will assemble it when we get to New Mexico after Christmas.

At that point, Greg told her that it just isn’t fair for our daughter not to be able to ride her bike on her birthday. He then told my wife to bring Bailey by the store today. They loaned her a demo for a week, decorated it with pink ribbons, and wished her a happy birthday.

Wow. I mean, WOW. Honeybun was brought to tears of gratitude that the manager would be so concerned about our daughter being able to enjoy her present that he is doing something extraordinary to make it happen.

Honeybun told her friend about the episode. Our friend then said she knew exactly who that manager is. It turns out our friend went to that same store to buy a present. The store was out of stock for that item, so Greg personally drove to another Toys R Us location, brought it back to his store, and called our friend when he had it ready to pick up.

If you are near Park Meadows mall and need a toy, go to the Toys R Us. If there is a problem, Greg will take care of you. It’s like he is Santa Claus for parents.

Thank you Greg.

Life in coupons

My wife’s status update:

Clipping coupons today. There was a Jose Cuervo coupon (had to buy 2 bottles of course), then on the next page a Trojan (her pleasure of course) coupon, and on the opposite page was a 1st Response pregancy test coupon. This should be a good way to explain the “where babies come from” lesson.

She makes me laugh.

The hypocrisy of unions

I laughed until I had tears in my eyes.

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Are corporations evil and greedy? Some are. Are unions evil and greedy – universally, yes. The problem with turning to unions to protect workers from corporate greed is that the unions are even greedier.

I was eligible to join the NEA when I began my new job. This is a good example of why I declined.