7 Quick Takes II

1. Creativity and Resistance
Last night I listened to Merlin Mann’s interview of Seth Godin. Godin says there is not a creativity problem. Everyone is creative. There is a wealth of creative ideas. The problem people have is a “shipping” problem, meaning that people do finish the ideas they have.

The barrier to shipping is caused by our “lizard brains”. The lizard brain is the part of our brain that is concerned about survival. Basically, our fears (e.g. “they will laugh at me” or “my idea is not good enough”) keep us from completing our creative projects.

Watch Seth Godin’s video and listen to Merlin’s interview. You may want to buy the book after that.

2. Podcasting
The previous point has convinced me I need to work on more of my creative ideas. I’m still doing a podcast on MMA with a friend ,and now I’m working on putting together another podcast on election politics in the vein of a Hannity and Colmes style show. Obviously, I’ll be the conservative.

Maybe I can even squeeze a third project in. Time is a consideration though (and that isn’t a lizard brain rationalization). Basically, I have a couple of options and I’m going to pick the one that has the most promise with the time I have.

3. Faith and reason
I’ve been seeing a lot about the idea that faith and reason are mutually exclusive. I have long rejected that view. Coincidentally, I checked out The Handbook of Catholic Apologetics from a library a couple days ago. The authors Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli dedicate chapter 2 to the idea that “there can never be any contradiction between faith and reason, between Christian revelation and true philosophy or true science.”

4. Archdiocese of Denver
Have you ever been in Colorado and wondered if you are near a Catholic church? Well I have, so I created a Google map that shows where they are.

5. Crush the Castle
Looking to pass some time? Need a game with simple controls that allows you to vicariously conquer the world? Then Crush the Castle is just the thing.

6. Usability
Technical communicators should love this week’s Net@Night podcast where Leo and Amber interview usability guru Jakob Nielsen.

7. Crusades
Rodney Stark makes the Case for the Crusades. I’ve read another of Stark’s books “For the Glory of God“. What I like about Stark’s writing is that while he makes the case that Christianity is a positive influence on the world, he does not shy away from the negative acts that have been done in it’s name.