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Racism rears its head

Yesterday I enjoyed watching the NFC and AFC championship games. The Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts both advanced to the Superbowl. It was only in watching the post-game coverage that I realized this Superbowl is now considered historic as both coaches are African-American. Never before has an African-American head coach made it to the Superbowl.

That the game analysts felt it necessary to discuss the coaches’ ethnicity seems racist to me. African-Americans have achieved enough that it should no longer be news that someone who has accomplished something great has a dark complexion.

It seems that true equality for African-Americans will arrive when the first African-American to accomplish something is not referred to as “the first African-American to….”

A new Catholic

Bailey was baptized today. About 30 members of our friends and family attended the private ceremony this evening. There are not words to describe how blessed Honeybun and I feel.
Bailey baptized

I like the part where she got annointed with oil. Even now, hours later at home she still smells blessed.

Bailey pictures

Time for some more pics (finally, I know).

Bailey with Christmas ribbon

Bailey and bear

Aww! Isn’t she cute?