Another proud Daddy moment

Friday mornings are gym class. One of Bailey’s favorite activities there is swinging on the rope over the foam pit. I put her on the rope and let her swing out. This is normally met by her calls of “Higher!”. She has been getting as high as I can boost her for a few months and has increased the degree of difficulty by swinging from one hand before sliding down the rope and dropping off.

Today she asked to go higher and I told her that she would have to pull herself up if she wanted to go higher, which she promptly did.

Bailey climbing the gym rope-climb
Bailey climbing the gym rope-climb

I was cheering like it was overtime in the Super Bowl.

For some perspective, the rope below her feet is about 8 feet above the floor. She figured out how to bring her feet up and put them on the ball then stand while pulling with her arms. Then she was able to hold on to lift her legs around the next ball that she is grabbing with her legs in the picture. Maybe next week I’ll get some video.

Funny thing to me is that she is the only one in her class that will go higher than the knot at the bottom of the rope. Don’t little boys like to climb anymore?