Most ridiculous iPod accessory

Anyone who has an iPod knows you need a case for it. The problem with the new iPod is that none of the cases from the previous generation iPods fit it because they moved the headphone jack from the center to the right side.

So Apple’s solution? A sock. Yep a sock which they call “stylish” and “fun”. Really, it is half a sock. They do come in packs of six though. You have your choice of various colors too!

So what do you pay for this innovation in iPod protection?

29 fricken bucks! Yep, that’s $29 for six half-socks. What a bargain. I think that breaks down to $2 for the six half-socks and $27 for the Apple logo sewed on to each one.

Happy Birthday…to me

I’ll not dwell on how bad I’ve been feeling the last couple of days. (Wait, was that dwelling right there?)

The good news is that I was able to enjoy a quiet birthday celebration this evening with Honeybun and my mom and brother. This was number 36 for those of you keeping score.

Honeybun gave me the 60 GB video iPod. The black one. Together, we have about 500 CDs that I had already copied to our computer. Tonight I transferred them to the iPod – all 5022 songs and I only reached about 18 GB. Cool. I’m going to have to download one of the Pixar shorts next. Just because I can ya know?

Oh, and this is the only time I can ever having a “white birthday”. Isn’t living in Colorado great?

How to self-destruct

Terrell Owens is arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL. Even so, the team he plays for suspended him indefinitely today because he just can’t help himself. His talent on the field is undeniable. Sadly, he just can’t keep his mouth shut off the field.

During the last off season, he criticized his teammate Donovan McNabb for the way he played in their Superbowl loss last season. Then he did not report to training camp in pre-season to try and get his contract re-negotiated. This past week he said his team would be undefeated if Brett Favre were the starting quarterback instead of McNabb.

It’s amazing watching someone like this. He seems to have everything going for him in talent and skill. His performance on the field is amazing, yet he just cannot control himself to be a team player. He alienates everyone around him. Why did the 49ers so willingly let him go to the Eagles? It seems now we know.

What will happen to T.O. now? He wanted more money. That dream is gone. He’s damaged goods now. One thing is sure, he won’t be with the Eagles much longer. He has pretty much secured the legacy of a problem player rather than a Hall of Fame contender.

I just find it strangely fascinating to watch a someone self-destruct. There aren’t many Shakespearean characters with more tragic flaws.