Tivo customer service

Isn’t it disappointing when a great company goes bad?

I have been a Tivo customer for four years. At the end of last year we bought our third Tivo (this one to upgrade our first box). Our nightmare began when we went to activate the third box. When we ordered the box, my wife paid for a lifetime subscription (offered to customers who had previously purchased lifetime subscriptions).

The subscription on our first box was due to expire in February so we waited to activate the new box. Come February, we set up the new box and activated it. Problem was, Tivo charged our credit card a second time for the lifetime membership when we did the activation. Yeah, that sucked. It took a few days but they fixed it.

Now for the second problem. Tivo automatically renewed the monthly subscription on our first box. We called the following day explaining we did not want to renew that box because we were replacing it with the new (third) box. The rep cheerfully told us they would refund that monthly subscription.

After numerous follow up calls asking where our money is, they still have not refunded it. Today, the rep said she sees four pending transactions but for some reason they aren’t going through. At that point she tells my wife that the problem is not their fault because they are doing everything they are supposed to do. She didn’t seem to understand that they did everything except for actually refunding our money.

So once again we are told that they will contact their accounting department to release the request so the refund will be processed and that we should wait up to 14 days. We’ve already waited more than 14 days.

Arrrgh. I hate it when a company I liked becomes so non-responsive. I’ve also discovered this is a sign of a company on the ropes. Looks like we’ve bought our last Tivo box.

Another book club selection

In November 2007, Keith Sampson who is a maintanence man and student at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis was reading a book during his break. A coworker who was black said she was offended by the book.

Sampson’s shop steward later told him the book was like bringing pornography to work. The university’s Affirmative Action Office “investigated” Sampson and wrote him a letter saying that he “demonstrated disdain and insensitivity to [his] coworkers” and ordered him not to read the book in their presence.

So what is this racially offensive book that is so inflammatory as to be considered contraband at an institution of “higher” learning? Well that would be Notre Dame vs. the Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan by Todd Tucker.

The problem that IUPUI has is that the book is not advocating support of the KKK. It describes events that occured in May 1924 where Notre Dame students got into a street fight with the KKK. Apparently IUPUI doesn’t understand that the KKK is religiously biggotted as well as racially biggotted. And that a book that documents a defeat of the KKK is not a book advocating KKK positions. Idiots.

So with great enthusiasm I have selected my next pick for Jason’s Super-Fantastic Bookclub!TM. Go pick up Notre Dame vs. the Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan and read it. You’ll be a rebel because it turns out that it is a banned book by at least one university.

I just searched IUPUI’s library catalog. Tucker’s book is part of the university collection. Currently it is checked out until 3/31/08. Makes me worry for that patron. He or she may be next in line for a harrassment investigation.

Band names

I decided that when I form a rock band, I need a good band name. I was at the store when I made this conclusion. Here are my rock band names inspired by retail shopping:

  1. Cancel for Credit
  2. Special at the Deli
  3. BOGO
  4. Bakery Fresh (for my Barry Manilow cover band)
  5. Cleanup On Aisle 4 (for a quartet – change to Aisle 3 for a trio, etc – clever huh?)