President Bush: Insensitive

President Bush expressed his concern for the residents of Florida who are in the pathe of hurricane Frances. He said:

“I’ve ordered teams to be in position to help the good people of that state”

The National Organization of Bad-people (NOOB) immediately condemned the remarks. NOOB Spokesbeing (the title Spokesperson is offensive to non-persons) Eustace Nutley issued the following statement:

Why do “good people” always receive assistance? Never bad people. I’m an ass and I demand respect! Bush is bad-person-phobic. We need a leader that will embrace his inner ass. NOOB demands an immediate congressional investigation into this adminstration’s anti-bad-person policies.

The ACLU immediately agreed to take up NOOB and Mr. Nutley’s cause. A lawsuit is expect to be filed right after the court house is rebuilt from the hurricane damage.