Ice cream man! Ice cream man!

The driver of the ice cream truck in our neighborhood has a lead foot. Seriously, I have never seen an ice cream truck drive so fast. There has been a time or two when we fleetingly thought about buying something from him, but he is past our house and around the block before I can even reach for my wallet. I swear the driver thinks he is training for a drag race.

This afternoon the weather was great so we had our doors open when we heard the passing of the ice cream truck. A moment later we heard “ice cream man…ice cream man…” Honeybun and I both looked out the screen door at the same time to see the 7-year old neighbor girl from a couple houses down running past. “Ice cream man! Ice cream man!” She had her little hand in the air waiving a dollar bill and running as fast as her little legs would carry her. A moment later her mother passes by…”Don’t run into the street.”

I was thinking, “no way she’s catching that guy.” It was almost heartbreaking, “Ice cream man…Ice cream man!” little legs pumping, money waiving.

I guess he must have heard her when he stopped at the end of the block to turn the corner. A few minutes later we saw her walking back toward her house, Popsicle in hand, mom walking behind. Mission accomplished and all was right with the world.

But I bet that strange ice cream man will drive by again at 30 mph tomorrow. He truly is someone I would say is not in it for the money.

  • Rae

    That sounds both bad for business and dangerous for a vehicle designed to attract children!