I blame talk radio

John Kerry is now leading the New Hampshire primary polls with 37%. Howard Dean has fallen behind to 19% (although he is still in second place).

Sigh. I was hoping that Howard Dean would be the Democrat nominee. I blame talk radio. They just couldn’t keep their mouths shut about what a wacko Howard Dean is. He is unelectable in a general election. If the talk show hosts could have just kept a lid on it for a few more weeks, Dean could have come out of Super Tuesday with an insurmountable lead.

Nope. Instead talk radio convinced Iowans that Dean is unstable (admittedly with a lot of help from Dean himself). America not safer after the capture of Hussein? Everyone but Democrats knew that in the weeks before the Iowa caucus. Sadly, talk radio convinced Iowa voters the same thing right before the election.

Then Dean gave his now infamous “I have a scream” speech after the caucus. Talk radio once again couldn’t let it go. They had to keep playing it over an over. Voters in New Hampshire got the message. Dean’s candidacy is fading fast. It looks like Republicans best hope for a landslide will be voted off the island in just a couple more weeks.

Well, John “Everything-I-know-I-learned-in-Vietnam” Kerry is the favorite. George Bush’s successes and an improving economy will make it a long shot for Kerry to win, so I won’t lose any sleep. But a Dean nomination would have put the last nail in the Democrat’s coffin for this election.