Hey, not fair!

Coaches around the league have been jumping on the bandwagon of criticizing the Denver Broncos for using chop blocks in their blocking schemes. For those who don’t know, a chop block is when a player hits another below the waist to take an opponents legs out from under him. Unfortunately, one of the Cincinnati Bengals was injured on Monday night when he was chop blocked by one of the Broncos.

Of course, John Madden and Al Michaels immediately jumped on a high horse to condemn the practice. Apparently they feel it just isn’t sportsman like and the Broncos rely on it too much for the success in their running game.

The Bengals coach, not surprisingly, criticized the Broncos for chop blocking after the game. Then Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher chimed in.

So in a press conference today, Broncos head coach Mike Shannahan took the press to a video room and showed them footage of…..Bengals and Steelers players chop blocking.

How funny is that?