Free game of the day

Here is a real game for you. You know, the kind of game people played before computers. No, really, you can actually play games without the computer. Just download this one from Cheapass Games. OK, you do need a computer for that part. Then print out rules and the cards (on some cardstock) and go play.

Here is the description:

Welcome to Sherwood Forest, where the Poor are getting richer. A lunatic named Robin Hood has taken it upon himself to rob the rich nobles of Merrie Olde England and redistribute their ill-gotten wealth to those who deserve it even less, the ubiquitous Poor.

You and your friends, a small band of wandering merchants, have taken it upon yourselves to relieve these simple peasants of their newfound wealth, with such desirable medieval amenities as fyne arte, olde milke and tropical fyshes.

Why, if it weren’t for you, they might not even manage to stay poor.

While you’re there, check out some of the other games they have for sale and buy some for stocking stuffers.*

This is an unpaid endorsement. Cheapass Games is not affiliated with Always Jason, Ltd., Inc. (a non-profit corporation – because there are no profits) or any of its employees (of which there are zero).