Money from South Africa

I finally received one of those scam e-mails offering to wire millions of dollars to my bank account if I just send my information to some guy. This time its from South Africa.

Oo! I can’t wait. Of course, I’m not stupid enough to give anyone my bank account information. I thought I’d be a bit more creative. Here is my response followed by the original e-mail:

Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 18:45:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Jason
Subject: Re: Private

Mr. Bowani,

I would like to take advantage of this wonderful
opportunity. Sadly, I do not have a bank account to
deposit the funds into.

I am still willing to help. Please wire me $9,000 USD
(so as not to attract the attention of the I.R.S.) and
I will set up an account for you.

I anxiously await your reply.


> Hello,
> I am Mr. Smith Bowani, an auditor of a reputable
> bank in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province in the
> Republic of South Africa. I have an urgent and very
> confidential business proposition for you.
> We had a foreign client named Mr. Wooin Shim, who
> deposited a huge sum of money (18.6 Million United
> States Dollars), with our bank. Eventually, this
> client died in a plane crash and since his death we
> have not had anybody come up for the claims as the
> next of kin.
> You may want to take a look at other passengers,
> who were on the same plane; here is a site for your
> A situation I have monitored closely with my
> position in the bank. Now having monitored this
> deposit and managed it over the years before his
> death, and hence nobody has showed up as the next of
> kin for the past years. I now solicit for your
> assistance to present you as the next of kin as
> every other arrangement/ processes will be monitored
> by me and my partners involved. However I got your
> contact from a trade consultant here in South
> Africa, though I did not disclose the purpose of my
> seeking for a foreign business partner to him.
> Although we will still have to sign some agreement
> before the final transfer of the fund into any of
> your designated bank account.
> I have involved a very senior official in the
> operational department, and we have agreed that
> after the transfer of the money into your account,
> you shall be entitled to 20% of the total sum, my
> colleagues and I will have 75% while 5% will be used
> to reimburse any expenses incurred. All necessary
> precautions have been taken to ensure a risk free
> situation on the side of both parties. Please note
> that this deal can only take place on the following
> conditions;
> 1. You will provide the bank account and other
> relevant particulars/information for easy and onward
> Remittance of the Eighteen million, six hundred
> thousand USD.
> 2. Absolute confidentiality and sincerity will be
> required and guaranteed, considering our positions
> in the bank.
> 3. Assurance that our own share will be released to
> us in good faith when this money finally gets into
> your account.
> Please treat with utmost confidentiality. Contact me
> as quickly as possible through my e-mail.
> Expecting your urgent response,
> Best Regards,