Liberals are anti-democracy.

Despite liberal claims that republicans and President Bush are fascists, it turns out that liberals are anti-democracy.

The biggest example is the abortion issues. Liberals frequently refer to polls they claim show that Americans want abortion to remain legal. Yet they are afraid to let people vote on it. Liberals rely on the Supreme Court to keep abortion legal.

Liberals are also against freedom of speech. That is, they are against freedom of speech for people with whom they disagree. University of North Carolina at Greensboro recently tried to punish a libertarian campus group for ,ironically, protesting the university’s restrictions on free speech. The university dropped all charges only after wide attention was drawn to their unconstitutional actions. documents case after case of colleges trying to silence conservative students. The motto of too many universities is “free speech for me but not for thee.”

Need another example? Check out Zombietime’s photo essay about the Walk For Life demonstration in San Francisco on January 21. He documents an organized effort of leftist groups that were trying to disrupt the march to silence the conservative march.

Now there were a few extreme right protestors – both sides have their wackos. But they extreme rightists weren’t the ones trying to keep a liberals from stating their message. It was liberals who were trying to prevent conservatives from exercising their right to demonstrate. My favorite photo is the one where the police officer is explaining to an anacharist why exactly Christians are allowed to display their messages. Clearly he doesn’t understand the freedom of speech protects the expression of other view points.