Tech toys

The video game wars are still raging. Nintendo’s new DS Lite is just getting to stores. Nintendo seems to have a hit on their hands. Reveiwers are impressed with it’s design and feel. Unlike the orignial DS, this one has a more sleek, grown-up look. Definitely iPod-ish with the white scheme.

Nintendo looks like it is going to keep its dominance in the hand held games category. They seem to have ceded the hardcore gaming market to the Sony PSP. Instead, they are marketing family-friendly games (as always) but tapping the adult market of casual gamers with games that might just make you a better person. Their Brain Age game is supposed to help improve you mental capabilities.

What a great market. Adults like games, but don’t have hours a day to play them. Brain Age only asks for a few minutes of play time a day. And unlike the Sony PSP which costs $250.00, the DS Lite will probably go for about $129.00 – much more affordable, especially for families with young kids.

I think I want one. After all, don’t we all need to improve our brains?