HD DVD or Blu-ray?

How about neither? I heard a show today talking about the differences between the two competing high definition video formats that have just been released.

I’ve heard the first generation players are not only expensive, they are actually slow to start. Some HD DVD players can take minutes to turn on (they are actually computers that need to boot up).

So should you buy one? Definitely not now. There are few movies available and the players are very expensive ($1,000+) and the two formats are competing. There are a lot of people who remember the VHS and Betamax format wars who will wait until the dust settles. That could take between five to 10 years. Both HD DVD and Blu-ray could be obsolete by then.

Technology is advancing so fast that within five years, HD content may just be delivered electronically. It’s already happening with music. Why not movies? If that is the case, most people will skip HD video players all together.