What to do for fun

Board games have made a resurgence. Last month Hasbro declared larger than expected earnings because of increased sales in board and card games. Overall, game sales increased 84 percent in 2003. Unplugged entertainment seems to do well in recessionary times.

Last year, the 20th anniversary Trivial Pursuit game was the best selling game of the year. Cranium is also a top seller. So, just in time for Christmas, here is a list of Jason’s recommendations:

Cranium – Great variety game. All our friends like it.
Remote Possibilities – also a fun party game because I’m great at it.
Kill Doctor Lucky – a fun “pre-mystery” game. Like Clue but you committ the murder. More fun than murder sounds…and cheap too.
The Very Clever Pipe Game – Another Cheapass Game. Play cards to connect section of pipes. A quick fun strategy game.
Dungeons & Dragons – Yes, it’s a roleplaying game. You need about 4 other people to play it. Find some normal people interested in Lord of the Rings type adventures and you’ll have some fun.
Pocket Farkel – a quick dice game. All about luck and guts. Very addictive.
Empire Builder – a train game. You have to build your track and deliver goods across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The game board changes everytime.

These are games that my family enjoys. So turn off the TV and Playstation II for a while and enjoy the company of your family and friends.