Higher education isn’t educational

One of the employee’s I supervise is attending school at Metropolitan State College of Denver – locally referred to as Denver Metro.

She is a biology major but is required to take a history course as a general education requirement. The course she is taking is called American Civilization. The course description of the class says, “American Civilization is an entry-level American history course designed to trace the roots of contemporary America.”

Sounds like a good course and its intents probably are. Unfortunately, professors have their own agendas. The instructor of this class assigned Michael Moore’s book “Downsize This“. Michael Moore is as liberal as they come. The idea that his book is a “text book” is laughable. Not only is it biased, I really can’t find a meaningful connection between a course on American History and a criticism of corporate America.

If that isn’t bad enough, the student told me today that her classed was canceled so they could complete an assignment to – get this – go find a tree, sit next to it and get in touch with herself.

Really, a history class has turned into an indoctrination of New Age spirituality.