Don’t trust the U.N.

After my last post, I had to check into some facts. Over and over, Democrats are crying for the U.N. to take over in Iraq. I don’t understand why they would want to deny freedom to Iraq.

The U.N. is NOT an organization that represents freedom or democracy. Of the 191 member nations, only 85 have democratic governments. The 106 others are dictatorships or one-party governments. 48 or complete dictatorships.

The U.N. believes a dictatorship is just as righteous as a democracy. Last year, the United States was voted off the U.N. Human Rights Commission and replaced with terrorist supporting Libya.

The U.N. does not allow Taiwan (a democratic nation of 23 million people) to join. documents all this.

I find it scary that Democrats have more faith in a totalitarian supporting organization that it does in our own republic. I said the Democrats want to deny freedom to Iraq. What other explanation could there be?