Pro-choice is not

A news story from earlier this week:

U.K. Artist Kills Herself After Aborting Twins

A British artist, expressing remorse and regret, hanged herself after aborting her twins when she was eight weeks pregnant, London’s Sunday Telegraph reported.

“I should never have had an abortion,” Emma Beck wrote in a note she left. “I see now I would have been a good mum.”

The note continued: “I told everyone I didn’t want to do it, even at the hospital. I was frightened, now it is to late. I died when my babies died. I want to be with my babies: they need me, no one else does.”

There can be no mistake, there is an abortion industry that is anything but “pro-choice.” Pro-choice does not pressure women into having abortions. Where are the women’s groups defending women from being pressured into abortions? No one stood up for this woman’s right to choose. They were only concerned with performing more abortions.

Why is it that pro-choice does not include the choice not to have an abortion?

Science confirms we’re good-looking

If you’ve been reading here, you know we are having a girl. Well today science has confirmed that Honeybun and I are good looking:

Good-looking parents are 36 percent more likely to give birth to a girl than less-attractive couples

I suppose there is no use in denying it or trying to falsely be humble about. I just have to accept that we are beautiful people.

Amazing Health News

Male circumcision cuts AIDS risk

Male circumcision reduces the risk that men will contract HIV through intercourse with infected women by about 70 percent, according to a study reported in The Wall Street Journal.

After discovering the dramatic results, French and South African researchers halted the study about nine months in order to offer the uncircumcised men the opportunity to undergo the procedure, the newspaper reported.

This may explain why heterosexual AIDS is so rampant in Africa yet rare in the U.S.


My manager at work brought in donuts today. Have you ever seen one this big?
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Donut, originally uploaded by semperjase.

It’s like a bear claw that takes up a whole plate. Yum.

Alzheimer patients don’t need stem cell lie

The Democrats are advancing two lies right now.

The first is that President Bush has banned stem cell research. He hasn’t. He has merely limited embryonic research.

The second is that embryonic stem cell research will find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. It won’t. Alzheimer’s disease is a whole brain disease. Developing new cells for part of the brain won’t fix the problem with the whole brain.

Thankfully, real science is aware of this fact. It looks like scientists actually doing the research are on the right path. Fox News reports on research for a new treatment to fight the plaque in the brain associated with the disease.