Why are they scared?

Blogging is getting more and more influential. Each side of the blogosphere has had an impact. Senator Trent Lott had to resign as majority leader when he made a comment in support of Strom Thurmond that sounded as if he was supporting segregation. Had not blogs on the the left made a stink, it would have died down.

CBS was made to look foolish when memos it used in a news story criticial of President Bush were proven to be false within hours of the story airing thanks to the guys at Powerline Blog.

Most recently (and perhaps most dramatically) the liberal government in Canada was ousted in the last election thanks to Captain’s Quarters, an American blogger, who exposed political corruption in the Great White North.

So what happens when people become influential and others feel threatened? The threatened people insult them. Makes you wonder, if three successful lawyers like the guys at Powerline are “afraid of dealing with people in real life”, what does that make people who draw cartoons for a living?