Sucking the joy out of life

An environmental group is now claiming that “new car smell” is toxic. According to them new car interiors have dangerous levels of chemicals.

We know their claim is true from all the new car owners who are vearing off the road after being overcome by toxins and collapsing behind the wheel. Wait, that isn’t happening. Somehow our society has survived decades with new car smell – this silent killer (insert scary music here: da da da dum!). Thankfully these people warned me before I drove my new Elantra any more. At least I’ll take precautions now, like sticking my head out the window whenever I’m driving. Or maybe not.

I feel sorry for these people. They go through life looking for hidden dangers and can’t even enjoy one of the smaller pleasures in life – that new car smell.

An EPA advisory group thinks Teflon causes cancer now.