Heart strings

My wife’s mother and grandmother visited us the last two week. Yesterday, my wife flew with them back to Las Cruces for a week to attend a wedding and baptism.

I was able to get a pass to help my wife get to the gate with Bailey. During the wait for the plane to load, I was letting Bailey run around the waiting area to burn some energy off the flight. She was doing her normal thing in charming everyone she saw. She eventually slowed down and I picked her up to wait for the boarding call.

Honeybun got to go first when the time came. I got a goodbye kiss from Bailey and passed her to Honeybun. Being the Daddy’s girl she is, she put her arms out to me wanting me to take her back and fussed for a second. Then Honeybun told her to say goodbye. Bailey realized I wasn’t going with them and with a disappointed look waived and said, “Bye!” It was crushing. I even got sympathetic looks from the other passengers around us.

I miss them already. The bright side is, I actually got 8 hrs of sleep last night.