Idiot protesters

Wackos from both the extreme left and right are competing to demonstrate who are the bigger idiots.

This past week Code Pink has been criticized for harrassing war wounded at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

Now the Kansas based Westboro Baptist Church is protesting at soldiers’ funerals in Tennessee. They claim that God punished the soldiers for defending a country that harbors gays.

I’m curious where this story about the Baptist Church will go. The news article so far is short on background. The Westboro group is the same people that protested at the Matthew Shepard funeral. They do not represent a mainstream Christian view and are frequently criticized for their tactics. Their lack of influence is apparent as well. They only had 10 people at this latest “protest”. That isn’t a movement. It is a group of morons with nothing better to do.

Code Pink and Westboro Baptists. Who knew opposites could have so much stupidity in common?

School daze

The new semester started this week. It starts for me today. I got my pens and paper, same old computer. I’m buying books today. I think the only thing I’m missing is an i-pod…

Hootie lives!

OK, there is no “Hootie” in the group, but Hootie & the Blowfish have a new album out. I got it last week. As always Darius’ voice is great, I think re-emphasized on this album. The harmonies are quintessential Hootie.

Now for those of you who are skeptical, go see them live. They are a band that made it big by touring endlessly before they got signed to a major label. While good on CD, they are a completely different experience in person. You won’t find any recorded help at the concert. These guys are real.

How to marginalize yourself – 101

On Monday, Pat Robertson suggested the U.S. should assasinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Of course his remarks have started a controversy.

Pat Robertson was right about one thing. Chavez is not a good man. Chavez is showing all the signs of being a totalitarian.

Robertson’s suggestion of assasination is just foolish. He has done the opposite of his intention. Instead of drawing attention to the problems of Venezuela, he has given Chavez a diverision. Even worse, Robertson is now denying he suggested assasination. Don’t try to cover yourself with such an obvious lie.

If there weren’t enough misconceptions of the so-called religious right, now we have to deal with this. Thanks Pat. As Shrek once said, “That is the opposite of help.”


USA Today published a “Snapshot” of Fidel Castro noting that Castro is one of the world’s longest reigning heads of state and that there have been 10 U.S. Presidents since he came to power in 1959.

So what should we take from this? How’s this – the United States is able to change leaders every four or eight years and still have the largest economy in the world and have freedoms. In spite of Castro’s revolution for the people in 1959, the only Cubans who know those same freedoms are the ones that live in this country.