Reasons I don’t wear a goatee

  1. Honeybun doesn’t like facial hair on me
  2. I’m starting to get gray hair on my chin
  3. It would make me look too much like Dave Navarro and I don’t want confused fans to ask me for his autograph – again
  4. Two words – “booger trap”
  5. Itch factor

Hootie goes solo

Anyone who knows me could tell you that Hootie and the Blowfish is one of my favorite bands. When I was stationed at Cherry Point, NC back in 92-93, I would drive up to Greenville with a buddy and we’d see them playing in a bar called The Attic. They are a great live band. Oh the memories.

I just saw that three members of the band have solo albums coming out this year (all but the bassist). The most interesting looks to be Darius Rucker’s country album. Should be fun.

Daddy’s girl

Honeybun took Bailey to visit the grandparents in New Mexico this week. Honeybun tells me that last night her mother was giving Bailey a bath. She cried from the moment she was put in the bath until they took her out. During the bath, she kept saying, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.” I guess she misses me.

But I already own that

I think the top two most successful marketing schemes in the past fifty years are bottled water and ringtones.

Bottled water is amazing. Americans buy about 28 billion bottles of water per year. In doing so, we pay extra money for something we already get out of the tap.

The second is an even bigger scam – ringtones. Cellphone companies have convinced their customers to pay up to $3.00 or more for songs (really small pieces of songs) that they generally already own in their music collection. Wireless providers have so far gotten away with crippling the phone you own by locking down the software so that you can’t load your own song (or piece thereof) onto your own hardware. They do this so you pay more for a ring tone than you do the whole song. Ingenious!

Not for me thank you. But what is a person who wants a customized ringtone to do? Well now that person (um, me) can use Myxertones. Upload your own song, choose which section you want as a ringtone, and they’ll send it to you via text message.

I’ve got my ringtone now. Sweet.