Ah man! Raisins?

Remember when you were trick-or-treating as a kid? There was always one old lady who would put “healthy” treats like small boxes of raisins in your bag (I usually had a pillow case and envied those kids who had the plastic pumpkin with the handle).

It turns out that some of those treats can be worse for kids because they still have sugar and stick to teeth longer than chocolate does.

So there. Just give out the chocolate. Or Sweetarts. (mmm. Sweetarts.)

Poetic Justice

A group of more than 20 Catholic High School girls beat a man who exposed himself to a girl shortly after school let out. He was confronted by some of the girls and then ran down the block where he was stopped by two other men.

At that point, the group of girls caught up and beat the tar out of him.

Ahhh, its great to see the media report some good news every once in a while.

Hospitals make people sick

Julia Gorin has a great article about medicine on FoxNews.com.
She says:
“God bless Western medicine for all the breakthroughs–the vaccinations, the transplants, the emergency life-saving procedures and cutting-edge modern miracles. But these days its practitioners perform best for those on the brink of death, and that’s where you’d better be when you come to these people, or they’ll bring you there.”

Ain’t that the truth. Ask me about a little gall bladder trouble turning into a life threatening extended stay in the hospital.

Hold your breath

Everyone, hold your breath. Don’t breath out you CO2 emitter. We may as well go to such measures for all the good the solutions environmentalists propose.

Reuters writer, Alister Doyle, laments global warming in his article. He admits the Kyoto treaty would not do anything significant. He seems to think we need to go with an aggressive solution that could cost up to $18,000,000,000,000,000. That is 18 quadrillion. Supposedly, that will only take 4.5 percent of the worldwide GDP. He doesn’t say that the U.S. will surely bear the brunt of that.

So lets look at “dangerous” gases for a minute. The EPA says that electrical utilities emit 14 million tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2) per year. That sounds bad.

Then I found out that Mt. Pinatubo volcano injected 17 megatons of SO2 into that atmosphere in one day. That is only one day of one eruption.

We can stop all emissions tomorrow and not come close to what a single volcano would emit in one day. It would be taking a thimble of water out of a lake and expecting a drop in the water level. Yet environmentalists insist that we need to stop driving our cars.

Sad Fish

Sunday brought us a sad moment. Our angel fish died. It was the last of the fish I gave to Honeybun as a Christmas present eight years ago – that’s 8. This was the most durable fish I have ever seen. It survived excessive heat, and multiple shocks of temperature and new water.

Have fun in fish-heaven little fish 🙂

Happy Fish

A researcher has found Flouxetine (the active ingredient in Prozac) in fish in a lake near Dallas, TX.

He is worried about pharmecueticals escaping into the environment but has concluded this particular issue may lead to happy fish. Good for us, improving the environment.

Selective Constitutional Rights

I am alarmed at the continued debate over General Boykin’s comments. James Carroll of the Boston Globe criticizes Boykin’s religious beliefs, “Boykin’s remarks can only inflame Arab perceptions.” He concludes by saying: “In the 21st century, exclusivist religion, no matter how ”mainstream” and no matter how muted the anathemas that follow from its absolutes, is a sure way to religious war.”

Never mind that after 200 years, this country has not started a religious war. Carroll’s point seems to be that General Boykin should not state his religious beliefs because it offends others and they may attack us for those beliefs.

This point is ridiculous. This country was founded through war to protect the right to practice religion freely (among other reasons). This is one of the rights that was important enough to fight for. Now our media expects us to give it up so as not to offend Islamicist.

He also infers the solution is to reject Christianity. Since Christianity is exclusivist and that philosophy only leads to war, then – following the logic – we must reject Christianity if we want to avoid a war with Islamicist.

Why is it Christians must give up their faith? The Islamicist surely won’t. Again we are in the position of rejecting our right to worship freely. People quote the saying that they are willing to die to protect other’s rights to free speech. Journalists are willing to go to jail to protect their rights under freedom of the press. Why are they so willing to deny the right to freely practice our religious beliefs?