Bail out

The $700 billion bailout bill for the sub-prime lending crisis is still making its way through congress today. Meanwhile, California’s governer Schwarzenegger has announced that his state may need a $7 billion dollar emergency loan to fund day-to-day operations because the current credit shortage has hampered its ability to access short-term loans it relies on to stay solvent.

I figure why let the federal and state governments have all the fun. Today I am announcing the Jason bailout bill. I have a couple car loans and student loans that need to be paid off. Just like the federal government, my bailout should also contain tax incentives and spending to help the economy. Therefore, my bailout bill needs to be at $10 million dollars.

After retiring my debt, I will put millions back into the economy and create jobs. Some of these jobs will be created by building a new and much larger house, hiring people to maintain the house, and buying goods & services (read: I want a Lexus a to be able to take frequent travel vacations).

I call on congress to pass my bailout bill immediately so I can help prop up the economy.