2009 Predictions

It seems that my powers of prognostication fell short of the mark with my 2008 predictions. Instead of admit defeat, I am just going to follow the lead of other “psychics” in the prediction business by dismissing these seemingly apparent failures as simply the inability of the unenlightened minds of others to grasp my brilliance. In other words, I wasn’t wrong, you just don’t understand how I was right.

So without further ado, here are my nine predictions for 2009:

1. President Bush will leave office after the end of his second term in January. The fringe left will continue to exercise their uninterrupted right to free speech and claim to celebrate the end of “tyranny.”

2. Barack Obama will serve six months of his elected term as President before resigning in order to compete on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. He will make it to the semi-finals before being voted off the show and will lose to eventual winner Danny DeVito.

3. The zombie invasion will finally be launched from the Midwest and will explain why dead people have been voting in Chicago for so long (sleeper cells).

4. My family and I won’t move to Las Cruces, New Mexico (this one is an attempt at reverse psychology – let’s hope my string of failed predictions holds).

5. Water polo will be the new basketball.

6. Media will continue to be amazed over Catholics who actually hold Catholic beliefs and sympathize with former Catholics who don’t.

7. Twitter will be the new Google. Google with be the new Walmart.

8. ‘A little chubby’ will be the new thin.

9. Global cooling will be viewed as more proof of global warming.

The heartbreak before Christmas

We got back from our New Mexico Christmas vacation last night to a house that had less to come back to. Our beloved Black Lab, Cowboy, died on December 23rd. At eleven, he was old for a dog of his size (over 100 lbs).

He had an intimidating physical presence but that was quickly overlooked because of his gentle demeanor, even if somewhat excitable when meeting someone new. He was a dog who loved people, especially kids. This is how we will always remember him:

Bailey hugging Cowboy
Bailey hugging Cowboy

I remember having friends over to play games at our table and he would be always find a way to get under it. It was his favorite place to be, surrounded by people.

Bailey loved to climb on him and lead him around by his collar, well, as much as a 20 lb. girl could lead a 100 lb. dog. She also liked to hold his food dish while he ate.

We miss him terribly. As Bailey said so often, “Good boy, Cowboy.”

On the occasion of your second birthday

The time is flying by for us. Two years ago you wanted nothing more than to be held, eat, and sleep. A year ago you were just learning how to walk. Now you are running all over the place, climbing (sometimes on things you shouldn’t be), swinging from ropes over foam pits, and balancing while standing on your rocking horse. Your fearlessness amazes us. A few falls and bumps have done nothing to temper that.

Your happy nature and outgoing personality draw people in. Every time we take you out, you introduce yourself to someone new. You are like your mother in that way. It’s a gift I don’t have and something I admire in you.

You also have a stubborn streak. I say you get that from your mother too, but she insists that you got it from me. We have seen you about to throw something and tell you not to do it. Then we watch as you consider the consequences, throw it anyway, and then put yourself in time out.

The other side of that stubborn streak is your enthusiasm. You put your heart into everything you do. Keep that passion, it will serve you well when you decide what you want to do in your life.

Another aspect is your helpfulness. You were so proud the first time I let you help me clear the table and gave you a plate to carry to Mommy in the kitchen. The intense look of concentration on your face as you made sure not to drop the plate or the silverware on top of it. You made it and came back for more. You helped until the entire table was clean. Little things like that show your generosity of spirit. Nurture that as you mature and you will be a blessing to everyone around you.

You have been a blessing to us. I love being your Daddy. God bless you. I love you. Happy Birthday Sunshine.

Dude, are you on a diet?

Well no not really but I have been losing weight. A couple of years I tried a diet. I decided that it wasn’t worth the added stress with a pregnant wife, a full-time job, and grad school. I figured I’d worry about it after I finished school. Earlier this year I was over 240 lbs (I think I hit 245).

Things have changed. I’m done with the school work and no longer have a pregnant wife and instead have an almost two-year old daughter. Not a bad trade there.

I stepped on the scale today and weighed in at at svelte(er) 227. No, I haven’t been dieting. A couple of changes have contributed. First the end of school has meant a little more movement and a lot less snacking while studying.

The second and most significant is our dining habits. We had been eating out regularly. For the past few months Honeybun has been cooking dinner and we’ve been eating most of our meals at home, the opposite of what we had been doing. The great part is, I would rather eat at home. The food is better.

This past week I started some medication that may have the side effect of suppressing appetite, that might accelerate all of this. Now I just need to start exercising. Fitness would be cool. I’m not going to worry about that until we get back from vacation though.