Miers – a great pick

Powerline is still convinced that Harriet Miers is a bad nomination for the U.S. Supreme Court. The say

The two most relevant issues now are (1) is she qualified and (2) is she conservative (and if so, in what sense). We don’t know the answer to either question, which confirms how bad Bush’s decision was.

While I agree that we don’t know the answer to those questions I disagree that it somehow proves that her nomination was a bad decision. President Bush believes he knows the answers to these questions.

What we do know is that President Bush knows Harriet Miers. We also know that she already has the votes to get confirmed – the Democratic leadership can’t reject her after asking for her nomination. We know that she has worked to further George Bush’s conservative agenda.

Why are conservative bloggers so convinced that Miers has worked for George W. Bush for years in a conservative administration all the while successfully hiding her liberal agenda only so she can reveal her liberal policies as a Supreme Court Justice? Evil genius, that’s what she is! Please.

Chill conservatives. You have been aching for President Bush to get in a show down with the democrats for years. That is not the purpose of a supreme court nomination. The purpose of the nomination is to get someone on the court who will justly interpret the constitution. Conservatives are forgetting the means (i.e. the showdown they want) is not the end (getting a conservative justice on the court).

President Bush has already successfully placed a Chief Justice of his choosing. Now he has another nominee that democrats are obligated to approve. Chill. President Bush knows what he is doing. Everything is going according to plan.

Justice Miers?

President Bush nominated Harriet Miers today to replace Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court. The conservative blogosphere is worried that Miers isn’t a conservative choice. Powerline calls the pick “a disappointment”. Instapundit is “underwhelmed”. Michelle Malkin shares his sentiment. Apparently senate minority leader Harry Reid even suggested Miers name for nomination.

I’m with Hugh Hewitt. George Bush has a history of not revealing his strategy. He has five years at beating the Democrats at every turn. Some may say that is all Karl Rove. The fact is President Bush has not over extended his hand politically. When he has been attacked he doesn’t not immediatly respond. He has patiently waited and let his critics destroy themselves.

We don’t know Miers (which is why some conservatives are expressing disappointment) but President Bush does. The president already has the support of Democratic leadership guaranteed. Reid can’t suggest her then back out once Bush acts on his advice. Schumer has already gone on record as saying he is happy with the pick.

I think President Bush knows what he is doing.

Weeds of communism

For most of the summer I fight dandelions in my front yard. I spray the yard with weed killer and have green grass (well, kinda green) for a few weeks. Then one day I’m in front of the house and see another dandelion. Thankfully, there are no mainstream media reports around my house. If there were, they would be standing in front of each weed saying, “Look at all this green grass. Look at this close up. Nope, no weeds around here.”

That’s pretty much what they do with communists. Just like the San Francisco Chronicle did. Zombietime.com shows how they do it. First, start with a young protestor in San Franciso. Run photo of said idealistic youth protesting against the United States. Be sure to hide the fact that communists organized the rally. Nope no communists here.

Surely the fact that the protests are being organized by communists is significant. These are not people who love their country as much as the Chronicle may wish you to believe it.

When Cindy Sheehan protests, remember she is supported by ANSWER. Chrstopher Hitchens points out their pro-communist/anti-U.S. views.

No, the war protestors are not patriots. They don’t love their country as they are sometimes likely to claim. They want the U.S. to lose.