I voted today

Today Honeybun and I had to go get replacement absentee ballots. The ballots the county mailed to us on October 1 never got here (fraud anyone?). The issuance of the replacement ballots invalidates the ones mailed out earlier, so the old ones can’t be voted.

Before I went to vote, I saw this piece of advice from Bill Clinton:

“If one candidate is trying to scare you and the other is trying to get you to think, if one candidate is appealing to your fears and the other one is appealing to your hopes, you better vote for the one who wants you to think and hope.”

Although I don’t think I ever agreed with him in the past, I took his advice this time and voted for George W. Bush. Thanks for the help Bill.

Why we need to kill terrorists

It sounds harsh but it’s true. We must kill the terrorists. The culture of Western civilization believes that differences can be talked through and negotiated. What many fail to consider is that other cultures do not share that beliefs and does not value human life in the same way we do.

The British government refused to negotiate with terrorists for the release of captive Kenneth Bigley. The two Americans taken with him had already been executed.

The British government may sound uncaring unless you realize the terrorists refuse to negotiate.

[The hostage takers] began taunting Western governments over their efforts to seek their citizens’ release from captivity. Late on Friday a fresh message appeared on a website believed to be used by al-Zarqawi which read: “What is laughable is the insistence of the ministers of all infidel nationalities on the phrase ‘no negotiations’. As if there was any question of negotiation. Far from it – they must obey the demands of the Mujahadeen. If you refuse, we slaughter.”

The Islamic terrorists have defined the rules. Kill them or they will kill us. There is no “talking it out.”

No, thanks. It’ll give me gas.

This past Sunday, volunteers at the Nevada state fair in Reno laid down tortillas and heaped on refried beans, sour cream and salsa to create the world’s largest burrito.

I’ve always wondered what happens to the food created in these stunts. Who gets to eat them? Apparently no one in this case. Organizers feared bacteria growing in the sour cream after sitting in the sun for the two hours it took to create the super burrito.

One volunteer said, “Sour cream and sunshine don’t mix.”


It’s football time again. The season opens tomorrow night with Indianapolis playing New England.

I’ve been a San Fransicso 49ers fan since grade school. This year I’m making the switch to officially being a Broncos fan (even though the preseason isn’t giving me a positive feeling about this year).

Sadly, I now work on Sunday mornings. It will be mainly Internet game day coverage for me this year. I should be able to get home in the middle of the second quarter for the second game of the day and also catch the evening game.

Go Broncos.


I was speaking with a coworker about the security events at LAX yesterday. He made the observation that airports have much more security than our borders.

I pointed out that no one is going to take over the border and fly it into a building.

It seemed funny at the time, but then again, its not quite 7:00 am and I got up for work before 5:00.