Another proud Daddy moment

Friday mornings are gym class. One of Bailey’s favorite activities there is swinging on the rope over the foam pit. I put her on the rope and let her swing out. This is normally met by her calls of “Higher!”. She has been getting as high as I can boost her for a few months and has increased the degree of difficulty by swinging from one hand before sliding down the rope and dropping off.

Today she asked to go higher and I told her that she would have to pull herself up if she wanted to go higher, which she promptly did.

Bailey climbing the gym rope-climb
Bailey climbing the gym rope-climb

I was cheering like it was overtime in the Super Bowl.

For some perspective, the rope below her feet is about 8 feet above the floor. She figured out how to bring her feet up and put them on the ball then stand while pulling with her arms. Then she was able to hold on to lift her legs around the next ball that she is grabbing with her legs in the picture. Maybe next week I’ll get some video.

Funny thing to me is that she is the only one in her class that will go higher than the knot at the bottom of the rope. Don’t little boys like to climb anymore?

Today’s Tweak

Today’s Tweak Today mission is: Upload a photo of yourself holding an imaginary object. Now download another Tweaker’s photo and draw an object into the scene. Upload the composite!

I opted to put up a photo of Bailey. Here’s the before:

Holding something imaginary
Holding something imaginary

Fellow Tweaker leopicado came up with a cute one.

Look at the future Dancing Queen!
Look at the future Dancing Queen!

Yeah, I think it fits her. Thanks Leo.

Update: A second entry

An entry from sydtheskeptic
An entry from sydtheskeptic

Good one Syd.

Just checkin

So Honeybun and Bailey got home Sunday night after visiting my in-laws for a couple of weeks. I was helping unpack and took some things downstairs to put away. Of course Bailey followed me. While I was putting things away, she climbed onto the desk chair in front of the computer. The computer was off, but she was pushing buttons on the keyboard like she was using it.

A minute or so into it, Bailey announced, “Just checkin.”

I asked, “What are you checking?”

In that little 2-year old, matter-of-fact voice she said, “just checkin email.” Cracked me up.

Sign of the times. Email was not known when I was her age. I wonder if that means Honeybun and I check it too often.

Anyway, I’m glad they are back. Strange how those little moments make life worth living. Like Merlin Mann said the other day, “Weird part about being a parent isn’t that I’m living all the clichés I ever hated; I’m just startled by how much I’m enjoying them.”

Racquetball practice

I take Bailey to her Tiny Tots gym class on Friday mornings. The rec center’s racquetball courts line the hallway that leads to the gym. Bailey likes to look in the windows while we pass and watch people play.

This afternoon we were killing time at home. She picked up her big green ball and a stick then asked me to play racquetball with her. I switched out her stick for an actual racket. We did this for over a half-hour. Here’s a taste. Good times.

She doesn’t know it yet but it will be tennis for her before racquetball. Promising forehand though, don’t you think?

Proud daddy moment

I took Bailey to the park yesterday to enjoy this great spring-like weather we have been having. We don’t normally go to this park so it was a change from our usual outing. We were the only two at the playground for a few minutes before two other mothers arrived separately. One had two young children, the other had what looked to be a three-year old boy.

The playground at this park has a slide with vertical 8 foot ladder. I had been helping Bailey climb it before the other kids got there. And by help, I mean spotting her to make sure she didn’t fall while telling her she didn’t need my help. She got the hang of it quickly before deciding she would rather play on some of the other equipment.

A few minutes later the three-year old boy started climbing the ladder. He got about halfway up and then got scared. His mom encouraged him to keep going but she had to lift him off. Bailey watched what happened then decided it was time climb it herself. She ran past the boy and climbed straight up the ladder.

The mother pointed to her and said, “See? She isn’t afraid.” Yep, she made me proud. These two pictures were from her next trip up the ladder. Pretty good for a being just past two.

Bailey at the bottom of the ladder.
Bailey at the bottom of the ladder.
Reaching the top
Reaching the top