7 Quick Takes III

1. Jennifer at Conversion Diary posted picture of her ring in her Quick Takes today. This is mine.

I intended never to take it off after the wedding. Turns out that I can’t wear it more than a day or so without my finger breaking out. I’ve done all the remedies but they didn’t help.

The diamond is from my mother’s wedding set.

2. Last night, I met my wife and daughter for dinner at Sonic. My wife ordered a milkshake. Bailey got to drink some and kept asking for more “shake-milk.” I love having a 3-year old.

3. Although I have a master’s degree, I firmly believe that advanced degrees are not proof of critical thinking skills. An example of why comes from this law professor’s blog:

The President should make clear to the public that the situation in the Senate has reached crisis proportions, and point to Senator Shelby’s latest escapade as a perfect example of the selfishness and insanity that now overwhelms the Senate. Senator Shelby needs to be called out and shamed repeatedly as an example of how a rational legislative process should not work.

Then the Vice-President, as President of the Senate, needs to use his authority as chair of the Senate to insist that the Senate rewrite its rules, or the President of the Senate will begin making rulings from the chair designed to change how the Senate operates in practice.

The writer has no concept that there may well be consequences much more harmful than the “cure” he promotes. The branches of government zealously protect their independence.

If you want to see a constitutional crisis, just have Biden butt in to Senate procedures. That move would be unprecedented. Obama is not that stupid.

4. UFC 109 is tomorrow. My friend and I put out or predictions in our podcast this week.

5. My current favorite indie music group is Pomplamoose. Watch their latest video on You Tube. They’re catchy.

6. Count me as another person who thinks Harry Knox should not be on President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

7. Remove a stripped screw-head with a rubber band.

  • Thanks for the tip on Pomplamoose. I just spent about 10 minutes watching their videos. Very cool. I especially loved their Beat It cover.

    Thanks for participating! These were a good read.

  • Sorry I mis-referenced you, but I fixed it now.

  • 3 year olds are indeed awesome. 🙂

  • Rae

    Thankfully neither my husband nor I cared about never taking off our rings, because both of them turned out to be too large (neither of us wore rings before and we erred on the large side in buying).

    And I am constantly amazed at how little one apparently needs to think to get an advanced degree.