Oh Christmas tree…

We have officially decorated for Christmas. The Christmas tree is up and all the decorations are on. Honeybun did most of it. Well, she did all of it. She moved the few decorations I put on. She did such a great job, she was tearful when she finished. It looks great.

She also decorated the tree with some cinnamon scented pine cones. Now when I say scented, I mean you can almost see the cinnamon in the air. These are the most powerful smelling things ever. The entire upstairs smells like a cinnamon factory. I think our neighbors can smell it. Don’t get me wrong, it smells good, but I’ve never had any scented things this strong. Honeybun said she bought them because she first smelled them two aisles away at the grocery store.

Although she decorated the tree, I did contribute. Last night I designed and printed up our Christmas cards and our annual Christmas letter. Its starting to feel like Christmas.