Good news is not news

All the news reported by mainstream medai coming from Iraq seems to be bad. The AP News headline today tells us that two more U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq. You’d think the terrorists…excuse me, “insurgents” (wouldn’t want to offend the terrorists you know) were winning.

Well here is a story from an Australian news radio outlet that you won’t hear about in the States (hat tip James Taranto). It might make people think the Iraqis want a democracy:

The Iraqi police have investigated a case in the village of al-Mudhariya, which is just south of Baghdad. The villagers there say that before the election insurgents came and warned them that if they voted in last weekend’s election, they would pay.

Now the people of this mixed village of Sunni and Shia Muslims, they ignored the threat and they did turn out to vote.

We understand that last night the insurgents came back to punish the people of al-Mudhariya, but instead of metering out that punishment the villagers fought back and they killed five of the insurgents and wounded eight. They then burnt the insurgents’ car. So the people of that village have certainly had enough of the insurgents.

Great news. People of Iraq killing terrorists? The silence in the U.S. media is deafening.