It’s a miracle

Honeybun stopped at the grocery store this afternoon to pick up some things. Before she went in she put some lotion on her hands. It wasn’t until she got home that she realized her wedding ring was missing. She had taken off her ring when she put on some lotion. A call on her phone distracted her and she forgot the ring was in her lap when she got out of the car.

I left work and met her at the store to hope we could find it. Found the parking space, no ring. We went inside to see if someone might have turned it in. No such luck. We gave our number to the manager in case someone might turn it in later then posted a note on the store’s bulletin board.

Now this was a pretty nice ring if I do say so myself. I thought “its gone, no way someone is coming back with it now.” I went back to work to finish my shift planning to call the insurance company in the morning.

But whaddya know, Honeybun got a phone call a few hours later, “This is the manager from King Soopers (the manager has the same first name, with same spelling as Honeybun) and I have a note from a man with the same last name as you that found a ring. I thought at first you were his wife but apparently it is just coincindence.” She gave Honeybun the number to contact Rich.

Unbelievable. What incredibly generous people. Rich and Tammy didn’t want a reward, in fact they refused when we offered. Honeybun was in tears when she first spoke to Rich and believes that God does answer prayers and miracles happen.

I stopped by their house on the way home from work and they gave me the ring. It isn’t perfect, clearly it got run over, but the diamond (the really expensive part) doesn’t seem to be damaged. Hopefully our jeweler can repair it, but if not, we’ll get a new setting.

Thanks Rich and Tammy. There still are good people in this world.