Politically correct causes collide again

A legislator in Maine has introduced a bill to prohibit the aborting of fetuses that would grow up to be homosexual. Even though it is impossible to tell right now which lifestyle the fetus would choose in life, this is a pre-emptive measure for the day when science may be able to predict such behavior in the womb.

So-called women’s groups want no restrictions on abortion while homosexual activists want societal promotion of their lifestyle. Who wins here? If the bill were to pass, Maine is saying that homosexuality is superior to heterosexuality since on heterosexual babies could be aborted. Presumed heterosexual babies would not have the same protection as homosexual babies. Putting aside morality, it is difficult to understand the legality of such a move.

Then again, maybe this legislator is smart. If the law were to stand up against legal challenges from abortionists, it would necessarily outlaw all abortion since the heterosexual babies obviously deserve the same protections as homosexual babies.