Kicked off Vick

Today, college star Marcus Vick was kicked off the Virginia Tech football team he led to the Gator Bowl this past season. The time cited his repeated legal (i.e. criminal) problems and his unsportmanslike conduct during the Gator Bowl when he stomped on an opposing player’s calf.

This story quickly follows the news the another former college star Maurice Clarett has been arrested for armed robbery.

I find stories like this fascinating. Marcus Vick is a young man who is following in his older brother’s footsteps – seemingly on a guaranteed track to a lucrative NFL contract. Yet he is self destructing similar to Terrell Owens. Maurice Clarett was a hot prospect who also seemed assured of a profitable NFL contract yet couldn’t keep himself out of trouble.

They have the ability, their failings can only be the result of flaws in their character. Shakespeare could have written plays about these guys.