Search engine blindness

Yahoo! has been accused of releasing information to the Chinese government which led to the a Chinese dissident being imprisoned for eight years.

Google is releasing a Chinese version of their site that will censor search results (in spite of their “don’t be evil” motto).

Today, Google produced a video commenting on Michelle Malkin. Michelle Malkin pointed out that Danish Imams had fabricated some offensive cartoons about the Muslim prophet Muhammed and blamed the cartoons on the Danish newspaper that previously printed a series of 12 cartoons. In the video, Google said it is not clear how much of Malkin’s theory is true.

What? Michelle Malkin provided links to news organizations to back up her statement. How does Google not know how to verify this information? Do the people at Google not know how to click on links? First, the three pictures did not run in the original Danish newspaper; they should be able to verify that through their own search engine. Second, there is absolutely no doubt that one of the fabricated pictures taken from a French newspaper story about a pig calling contest and had nothing to do with Islam or Muhammed until the Imams claimed it did.

I’m sick of both Yahoo! and Google at this point. (Yes, I know Google owns blogger who hosts this blog. I’m working on it.)

By the way, if you are concerned about Yahoo! helping to jail Chinese citizens, you can call their media relations at (408) 349-3300.


This was written when the blog was hosted by Blogger. Obviously I’ve since moved it.