Democrats in the Twilight Zone

Vice President Chenney appeared on Fox News today to talk about his hunting accident over the weekend where he shot his friend with birdshot.

The White House press corps seems to livid over the fact that the story broke through a local newspaper in Corpus Christi, TX. Of course the Democrats are trying to jump on this.

The situation is becoming absurd. Hillary Clinton of all people said, ” “A tendency of this administration — from the top all the way to the bottom — is to withhold information …” She apparently said this with a straight face and no sense of irony. Yes, this is the same Hillary Clinton that found files  in her White House closet a year after they subpeonaed. The same Hillary that was involved in the delaying the release of Vince Foster’s suicide note.

I’m amazed how she can say these things without any regard for her own history. She has gotten all the way to the White House and then into the Senate doing it though. I now know why I could never be in politics. I wouldn’t think people would be stupid enough to fall for it. Hillary clearly doesn’t have that issue. And it works for her.