We’re having a baby!

We’ve kept it a secret but we are happy to announce that Honeybun and I are expecting our first child. I’ve been keeping track of my thoughts leading up to this so let’s catch up:
April 23
Honeybun is pregnant. Wow. How’d that happen?

We’ve been talking about it for a while now. For those who get our Christmas letter, you know we keep saying, “maybe next year.” Well this is “next year.”

The timing though? Honeybun broke her arm a week after the night the magic happened. The pregnancy test came back 20 minutes before she went in for surgery in April 21. The pregnancy was the real reason the doctor did not put a prostetic replacement in her arm instead of just taking out the broken part.

May 5
We went to the OB today for an ultra sound. It is really early but because of some abdominal pain on top of everything Honeybun has been through, they wanted to check the viability of the embryo. Not much to see, a black spot on the gray background. About all we can say is that she is definitely pregnant. Everything is measuring all right at the moment, but we go back in a week for another check.

May 12
Second ultra sound.

It is strange how everything changes in a second. I was looking at the screen and saw a small circle of movement. Then the nurse said, “that’s the heartbeat”. It seemed the whole world realigned in that one moment.
Wow. This is real. There are not words to describe how seeing that little heartbeat can realign your whole world.

May 18
Honeybun is totally pregnant. I’ve heard of strange cravings. Pickles are supposed to be cliche. Honeybun hates them. Any time we order a burger, “no pickles!” But today she is making a cheese and pickle sandwich. This is the fourth one this week. Strange, but I can deal with that.
What I didn’t know about is the heightened sense of smell. It’s like a super power.

Honeybun: “Do you smell that?”

Me: “Smell what?”

Honeybun: “Oh gross. It’s making me nauseous.”

She’s been looking for a new slip to wear under a skirt. We had been to six stores looking for one. I finally asked her, “can’t you use your sense of super smell to find where one is?”

She wasn’t amused.

June 1
Honeybun went to visit her parents in Las Cruces. Meanwhile I’ll be working and have just started the summer semester.

Hopefully she will feel better down there. With the broken arm, she is cooped up all day doing nothing. At least she can see her nephews down there.

June 18
Honeybun comes home tomorrow. This three weeks has sucked for me. It just isn’t the same without her around.

Apparently her pickle sandwich cravings have been replaced with cravings for fruit. Lots of fruit.

June 20
Had a third ultrasound today. Everything is looking good. We saw the baby’s head, body, and two arms and two legs. I was amazed at how much the baby is moving. More tests tomorrow.


June 21
Big day. We had more tests done today. It was painful. They put a needle through Honeybun’s abdomen to remove some fluid. The ultrasound today revealed two sacks but there is only one baby. Turns out the pregnancy seems to have started off as twins but the second embryo didn’t develop. We’ll get preliminary test results back in 2 days.

June 23
Good news, preliminary results came back and all is well. They also told us the sex…..a girl! Honeybun said she was sure all along it was a girl. Women’s intuition I suppose.

The thing is, we had agreed on a boy’s name but still can’t agree on a girl’s name. Well, we have six more months. The due date is 12/29.

June 29
The final results of the testing has come back and everything is normal. We are starting to actually let people in on our little secret.

June 30
Told my family tonight that we are expecting a girl. My mother is thrilled. Dad seems happy, but he doesn’t show much enthusiasm for anything. My brother just sat through the rest of dinner in a dazed silence. Don’t think he was expecting this.

  • Keith

    Congrats to both of you!!!!

  • Keith

    Congrats to both of you!!!!