Dude, are you on a diet?

Well no not really but I have been losing weight. A couple of years I tried a diet. I decided that it wasn’t worth the added stress with a pregnant wife, a full-time job, and grad school. I figured I’d worry about it after I finished school. Earlier this year I was over 240 lbs (I think I hit 245).

Things have changed. I’m done with the school work and no longer have a pregnant wife and instead have an almost two-year old daughter. Not a bad trade there.

I stepped on the scale today and weighed in at at svelte(er) 227. No, I haven’t been dieting. A couple of changes have contributed. First the end of school has meant a little more movement and a lot less snacking while studying.

The second and most significant is our dining habits. We had been eating out regularly. For the past few months Honeybun has been cooking dinner and we’ve been eating most of our meals at home, the opposite of what we had been doing. The great part is, I would rather eat at home. The food is better.

This past week I started some medication that may have the side effect of suppressing appetite, that might accelerate all of this. Now I just need to start exercising. Fitness would be cool. I’m not going to worry about that until we get back from vacation though.