On turning 40

So now I’m 40. It was a great day. Bailey woke me up with her usual enthusiasm to start the day. My parents then watched her for the day while my brother and some friends came to our house for an afternoon of gaming. Honeybun made the best chicken soup ever along with beer bread to feed everyone.

Afterwards we met my parents and Bailey for dinner at The Claim Jumper. On the way over, Honeybun told my brother to watch how Bailey would be so thrilled to see me again that she would ignore everyone else. Sure enough, as they walked in Bailey caught sight of me and yelled, “Daddy!” loud enough to announce it to the entire restaurant, then ran over to give me the biggest hug an almost 3-year old can give while telling me “I’m so glad to see you.” That always makes me feel special.

So, isn’t 40 the part where you are supposed to take stock of your life? That is pretty simple for me.

Well, aside from some career frustration, I am a happy man. I am married to the woman I love above all others. I have a daughter who is the epitome of a “daddy’s girl” and who I love with every fiber in me. I have great friends.

No, I’m not wealthy, but I am rich beyond measure and truly blessed.