Which river?

OK, I haven’t been writing much lately. I’ve been sick this past week. The big news in Colorado right now is West Nile virus. No, I didn’t get that. I had something I like to call South Platte River virus. Basically I had a fever for a few days and the sniffles. My voice still sounds all congested.

I’ll see if I can’t get back in the saddle with my musings.

Promising Stem Cell Research

The debate on stem cell research is centering on harvesting stem cells from human embryo’s. It turns out the most promising research is coming from adult stem cells. Brazilian researchers have taken stem cells from patients’ bone marrow and injected into their hearts to repair damage patients on heart transplant lists. Four of the five patients tested were successful enough to be removed from the lists.

Maggie Gallagher has a great view on this. Research ought to be going to the most promising area of research, not the most controversial.

The end of summer

The unofficial end of summer has come and gone. My wife and I celebrated by going to the Taste of Colorado on Sunday. Apparently the idea is to showcase the most expensive food in the world (not the best food mind you – just the most expensive). A thin strip of steak (or something they called steak) costs 5 bucks. A soft drink was a mere $2.50 – apparently a “gourmet” Coke. We managed to get out of the festival without buying any junk that we didn’t needs. That’s something.

Now that summer is over. Maybe gas prices will go back down to a point where multi-year financing at the pump is unneccessary. Whatever happened to the engine of the future that would run on chicken fat right off the stove? Yeah, I know I’m being absurd. Who cooks enough at home any more? Everyone would have to go to KFC to fuel up their cars. “A bucket of white meat and fill up the tank please.”