There aren’t words for this one

On July 1st of this year. Jonathan Russell took a gun to where he was employed and killed three people before killing himself after shooting at police.

The employer, Modine Manufacturing settled worker’s compensation claims for the family of the victims. Now for the sick part.

The murderer’s mother, Nina Tichelkamp-Russell, has filed a claim to get compensated for her son’s death since he died at his place of work.

This woman certainly did not care that her son was a murderer who ruined families. Its should be shameful that this woman believes her murdering son is a quick way to make a buck.

Idiots of the Day

I heard about this on the radio so did a quick Google search to find out if people really believe it. They do.

Apparently the sky is falling because there is supposedly a hidden swastika in the Department of Homeland Security logo.

Someone had to work really hard to “highlight” the swastika in the logo. Its obvious that someone created the swastika in the logo rather than merely highlighting it.

Its amazing what some Chicken Littles are willing to believe.

Irony of the Day

Timothy Treadwell, a founder of a Grizzly Bear protection group, and his companion were killed Monday after being mauled by bears.

Man, first Roy Horn (of Siegfried & Roy fame) is attacked by one of his tigers and now Timothy Treadwell. Its enough to make you think that large, wild, predator animals aren’t safe to handle. Who’da thought?

You can’t say that on TV

Rush Limbaugh is in the hot seat for making supposedly racists comments about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

Now Presidential candidates Wesley Clark and Howard Dean say that Rush Limbaugh should be fired for “hateful and ignorant speech.” The NAACP says it was “bigoted and ignorant”.

Thankfully the NAACP is not the voice of all “people of color” as they want to believe. Just because the lefties say it was racist doesn’t make it so. Now they want someone fired over what they claim is racist.

Isn’t that a dangerous precedent? That’s a very disturbing thought. Losing your job because someone else decides you made a racist comment.

Actually what I find most alarming is that Presidential candidates are calling for punishment of someone’s speech. Doesn’t that show how much they value our rights? Their stance seems to contradict other statements they have made. Wesley Clark has said he is “concerned about the effect of the war on terrorism on civil liberties” and Howard Dean claims that President Bush has “a reckless disregard for our civil liberties” because of the Patriot Act.

I guess their civil liberties are important but Rush Limbaugh’s aren’t.