A lesson in forgiveness

Last Wednesday, 6 year-old Noe Balderrama was crossing a street with his 14 year-old sister. His sister got to the other side but Noe had turned around to get a book he dropped. The driver of the pickup truck didn’t see him. After the accident, the driver stopped to give aid, but Noe died at the hospital.

Noe’s funeral was yesterday. James Hoehl attended. James was the driver of the pickup.

During the funeral, Noe’s father called James forward and embraced him saying, “It’s not your fault. It’s God’s decision. There’s nothing we can do about it.” Noe’s mother followed and also embraced James saying, “It’s not your fault. He was an angel and it’s not your fault.”

We can all stand to learn a lesson from these parents on how to forgive.

May God bless Noe Balderrama and the family he left behind.